Greek Soup 1
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Greek Avgo-Lemono Soupa is the traditional soup served by loving Mothers and Grandmothers (Yia Yia’s) to their family, friends, and loved ones. The soups concept of egg and lemon mixture originated from the Islands of Greece and eventually followed Greek immigrants to this country.
For centuries avgolemono soup has been served in Greek homes as an appetizer, dinner, or cure all.
As an appetizer its light quality was a perfect start to any home cooked meal. With plenty of fresh Greek or Italian bread it was a nutritional meal. When a family member did not feel well, regardless of the symptoms, it always hit the spot and made  them feel better.
Yia yia’s traditional Avgolemono soup is a time consuming process requiring constant attention. It takes hours to cook yet years to perfect. Yia yia’s would often pass down their version of the soup along with some family history and stories to the younger generations. Perhaps the time and love that went into the soup is what gives it almost, a medicinal quality. Finally that “cure-all” is available anytime.

Just heat & serve.
Aside from most Greek homes, this soup is served in many Greek restaurants and enjoyed all over the world. There are many versions of the recipe.
Whether it’s a cup as an appetizer, a bowl or two for dinner, or an accompaniment with your favorite sandwich, Greek Avgo-Lemono Soupa is a very special treat.
There is no other soup quite like it, and none done better